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The Strategic Planning Process

The process to develop a Strategic Plan begins long before the actual planning session is held. There is significant preparation required to allow the planning process to flow smoothly through the various planning phases to completion.

Strategic Planning is the formative or developmental process an organization undertakes in defining its strategy and the decision making process on how to best allocate resources and prioritize actions to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

A Strategic Plan is the blueprint for the focused actions chosen to move the organization toward its goals or vision. The Strategic Plan is used to communicate the direction of the organization to staff and stakeholders.

Organizations utilize Strategic Planning for numerous reasons, including: business renewal; build management consensus; improve relationships (staff, community, stakeholders), to focus resources on the most important goals; team building; Organizational Change.

In order to help our customers create a Strategic Plan of their own, we have uploaded a guide to our website titled “Simplified Process to Develop a Strategic Plan.” ┬áThis guide offers insight to the process of creating a Competitive Advantage for your business using the strategic planning process and we hope that you find it informative useful.

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