10 Website Mistakes that Annoy Visitors and Kill Conversions

Even a slick and expensive website can be a disappointment when the sales figures come in. If visitor conversions are underwhelming and sales are weak, what could be wrong?

Your site may be suffering from one of these conversion killers which can drive away visitors in droves.

10 Ways to Annoy Website Visitors

1. Intrusive Cookie Permission Requests

While asking for cookie permissions is mandatory in many jurisdictions, and it’s best to cover the legal aspects, there’s no need to make a huge deal about it.

A small clickable ‘agree’ button at the bottom of the screen will work fine. Don’t block the entire content and require the visitor to fill in a questionnaire before proceeding.

Once a visitor has given their consent, actually use the cookies they’ve granted to remember their decision, so you don’t need to nag them on every visit.

2. Obstructive Ads

Obstructive ads are even worse than intrusive cookie permission requests, as they add no functional value for the visitor, only irritation.

Don’t suddenly block the content with an ad sliding in from the side of the screen and don’t show an exit pop-up every time the mouse strays from dead center. Don’t make it difficult to close ads, and don’t spawn new ones when the visitor tries to close the ad and move on.

While advertising is a crucial part of many business models, take it too far, and the returns will diminish very rapidly.

3. Chat Request Nag

Your customer support agents may be the most friendly and knowledgeable in the business, but let the visitor decide whether to chat with them. While offering the option is a benefit to the customer, repeated attempts to engage are a huge turn off. Never float a chat screen over your content in an attempt to force visitor engagement.

4. Slow-Loading Sites

Study after study has shown that conversions drop in direct correlation with increasing site load times. Don’t clog up the visitor experience with pointless, slow-loading eye candy, social media and other debris that isn’t essential to site functionality.

5. Auto-Play Media

Ambushing a visitor’s experience with an auto-play video is considered very intrusive. Doing the same with audio is unforgivable. In these times of mobile devices, you can never assume a visitor is in a situation where sudden, unexpected sounds are acceptable. This is a sure-fire way to lose a visitor.

6. Forced Registration

While you may eventually need your visitors to register an account to make a purchase, you should never require a login for basic functions such as information browsing, searching, or adding items to a cart. Why make the customer work before they’re anywhere near their buying decision?

7. Asking for Too Much Info

When registration is really a necessity, make it as easy and quick as possible. Only ask for the bare minimum information needed to complete the transaction. Acquiring helpful marketing and demographic data can wait until later.

8. Unclear Shipping Fees

The appearance of unexpected shipping fees late in the checkout process can kill most conversions. If you charge for shipping, make it clear on the product page. While the fee may turn some people away, that’s better than generating disappointment and ill will later on in the process.

9. Inadequate FAQs

It’s important to have a help section on your site, but a hard to find or inadequate set of FAQs is worse than nothing. It frustrates people looking for information that just isn’t there.

If you include a support section, make it comprehensive. Otherwise, be upfront that people should call your helpline or email you with their queries.

10. Obvious SEO Content

The days of building sites for search engines are thankfully in the past. Your sales copy is vital to conversion success, so don’t punish your visitors with keyword-stuffed nonsense that insults their intelligence. It won’t encourage sales, and these days it won’t bring in much search engine love either.

Running a profitable website means getting a lot of things right and some are easier than others. Don’t harm your chances of success right from the start by antagonizing your visitors with these all-too-common mistakes.

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